A Private Cloud platform designed by legal IT experts to boost mid-sized law firms’ profitability, productivity and data protection.

Private cloud solution for mid-sized law firms that want the speed of updated technology, but not the infrastructure overhead.

Build a Profitable Practice

As a mid-sized law firm, you run a lean business -- heavy on fee-earners, light on IT resources. It feels like growing data, applications and mobile lawyer demands require a room filled with servers and IT resources you can’t afford. With LegalCloud infrastructure-as-a-service and virtual desktops, you can improve profitability with lower IT costs and accelerated productivity.

Work Where You Want

You chose a mid-sized firm for collegiality and agility. You expect to be mobile, and work where you want – at home, court or a client’s office. The reality is, you frequently can’t access what you need away from the office. With LegalCloud virtual desktops you easily access firm email, documents and legal applications from wherever you want to work.

Protect Client Data

Bar associations require that you understand technology and safeguard client data, or get expert help. Law firm hacking headlines burn in the back of your mind. Let our LegalCloud experts protect your information at the network, server, data and physical level. We encrypt your data, along with monitoring firewalls, logins and even brute force attacks. We are hawkish on security patches.


midsized law firms expect to increase cloud-based solution adoption

ILTA’s 2017 Technology Survey


of lawyers do work from home

ABA 2016 Legal Technology Survey Report


10-49 attorney firms experience security breaches

ABA Tech Report 2017

LegalCloud Suites

After helping 500+ midsized law firms manage and customize on-premise IT environments, we are supporting law firms move to the Cloud, at their own pace. We build clients a private, customized cloud environment in our Tier 4 data center. You gain economies of scale for costs savings and mobile lawyer productivity.

We manage the IT stuff -- servers, email, file shares, backup, infrastructure performance and security monitoring, so you don’t have to. Your lawyers get a virtual desktop, simplifying laptop and desktop application management and accelerating mobile lawyer secure access to information.

Legal Cloud

LegalCloud Communicate is the perfect way to start in the cloud. We provide and manage infrastructure, virtual desktops and online Microsoft Office and email. You securely access email, calendars, notes and documents with ease from wherever you want to work. Client communications and responsiveness skyrockets. Data is protected and safe.

Legal Cloud
Law Office™

LegalCloud Law Office supports firms ready to leverage more cloud computing efficiencies. You get everything in LegalCloud Communicate. Plus, we’ll add needed infrastructure and customize integrations to run your SQL-based practice management or other applications in your LegalCloud Law Office. As your practice and operations grow, you can easily scale and centralize systems, including human resource, marketing, e-discovery or financial applications.

What you get

Dedicated Servers

You get dedicated servers for applications, files and domain access authentication. With LegalCloud Law Office a SQL server and database management services are also included.


Dedicated virtual desktop resources eliminate frustrating slowness and crashes from shared IT resources. Better yet, with virtual desktops, you never have to install another update on user computers again.

Technical Support

Advanced Legal IT experts perform all server maintenance and performance monitoring in your private cloud. You also get unlimited remote support for your LegalCloud servers and virtual desktops.

Email and Productivity Tools

You get Microsoft Exchange Online and Office with both solutions. Mobile lawyers easily access email, calendars, notes and documents from anywhere.

Legal & Business Applications

In LegalCloud Law Office you get SQL server. Our experts manage the SQL database for you, and can integrate and customize practice management and other applications for LegalCloud.

Scale & Govern in Your Private Cloud

As your client portfolio and team roster grows, you can scale up servers and virtual desktops in LegalCloud. When you store more and more of your sensitive data on identifiable LegalCloud servers, applying data governance and compliance policies gets a lot easier.

Free IT Assessment

To show how your firm can improve IT efficiencies in LegalCloud, our experts will assess your infrastructure and applications, sharing insights along the way.

Enterprise Level Security

LegalCloud guards your data with enterprise-level security, including encryption, access controls, security patches, brute force attack and login irregularity monitoring.

Information storage

Your private cloud comes with scalable, Tier 1 solid state disk storage.

Data backup and recovery

We perform regular email and file backups, with redundancy. Optionally, you can also install an onsite NAS.


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